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With unlimited and overwhelming amounts of information available on the Internet, people are swiftly turning to the Internet, and particularly social media, to get information. Cosmonaut creates effective social media campaigns and offers social media management services which generate name recognition as well as cultivate relationships with customers.

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Building a social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc.) presence for our clients allows us to boost their digital presence as well as build awareness. Such platforms allow our clients to send a message straight to the public, create a footprint on the web and interact with them. Having presence on these channels offers a client the competence to present information in real time, & their user-friendliness allows for information to spread rapidly.

At the time of developing a social media marketing plan, Cosmonaut addresses the preferred end goals and makes a plan to help them. With social media optimization & analytics, a social media marketing campaign can be tracked as well as adjusted as required. Social media optimization includes utilizing every social platform to produce publicity. With social media optimizations, Cosmonaut can increase a business’s product & brand awareness. Cosmonaut also implements SEO to boost organic traffic to any company website.

Creating as well as managing a blog will curate helpful content for the audience that can be effortlessly distributed all over multiple platforms. The distribution of information will assist to build engagement & promote traffic. Assigning blog topics to professionals demonstrates industry knowledge as well as will assist in shaping a company like an industry leader. The populace then turns to that corporation first on for information or trouble shooting solutions.

Integrating analytics as a part of social media marketing plan allows for a detailed understanding of the campaign. The expert staff of cosmonaut use of multiple analytic platforms provides us the competence to analyze how content which is distributed as well as received among diverse channels & gauge the success of SMO. Using analytics provides us the aptitude to analyze multiple sites & website traffic, enabling us to observe any interactions users have with the pages, duration of their visit, and what channels utilized to get there.

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