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Precautionary Actions against COVID-19 by Cosmonaut Technologies

Precautionary Actions against COVID-19 by Cosmonaut Technologies

The global measure of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us. At Cosmonaut Technologies, we are people first, and we do what we do with the belief that technology can change lives and the hope that it can be a valuable tool in a moment like this. Teachers are innovating to advance remote lessons. Companies are experimenting with different ways to stay productive. And medical specialists can diagnose illnesses and reach millions with critical updates in the blink of an eye. We are all accommodating and responding in our way, and Cosmonaut Technologies wants to continue to play a role in helping individuals and communities emerge stronger.

Cosmonaut Technologies Team

Cosmonaut Technologies turns 3 today, A lookback of three successful years in IT Services

In the beginning of 2017, the founder developed the AfterProperties application that had a high scope of success, but it couldn't reach the market owing to the funds' deficit. This step led us to change the direction towards the IT service sector and understand all the things about its functioning. Cosmonaut Technologies has started finding software projects from different clients and slowly, gained experience in creating different types of corporate websites, apps and eCommerce stores.