Pros and Cons of in-house and outsourcing

Should you recruit in-house or outsource? It’s a controversial issue that has been up for discussion for many years. There isn’t a simple solution to this since so many factors might affect your choice, which is painful.   Having said that, whether you hire In- House or outsource, your ultimate aim is to expand your […]

Myths in the IT industry

  Technology is a part of our daily lives because we live in the modern era. Even while we frequently use our cellphones and WiFi without much thought, we may occasionally pause to consider the mechanisms at work within these and other technologies. As technology evolves and becomes more intricate, it becomes more difficult for […]

In-house VS Outsourcing

In-house VS Outsourcing   Holding off on forming an in-house software development team might be challenging once you have a concept or a clear vision for a product. Instead, you should be wondering if the effort is worthwhile from the get-go.   If you are short on time and money, finding qualified technical expertise might […]

What is Shopify? How Does It Work? Pros and Cons

Shopify is an eCommerce CMS that allows anyone to set up and run an online store without the necessary coding experience. Offering more than 75 pre-made themes, you can easily create any store you want, from clothing and accessories to food, toys and more. With features like real-time sales data, integrated payments and inventory management, […]

Laravel: The Most Powerful and Secure PHP Framework

The Laravel PHP framework has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Many people who use it consider it to be the best PHP framework out there, and that’s because Laravel comes with so many great features. What is Laravel? Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework for developing web applications following the model-view-controller […]