The journey of Cosmonaut Technologies Towards A Reputed Position in IT Service Sector

The journey of Cosmonaut Technologies Towards A Reputed Position in IT Service Sector

The journey of Cosmonaut Technologies Towards A Reputed Position in IT Service Sector

Cosmonaut Technologies has an inspiring journey throughout the 3 years' time span. We would like to share our joy, journey and happiness of tremendous growth with you all.

The first step!

In the beginning of 2017, the founder developed the AfterProperties application that had a high scope of success, but it couldn't reach the market owing to the funds' deficit. This step led us to change the direction towards the IT service sector and understand all the things about its functioning. Cosmonaut Technologies has started finding software projects from different clients and slowly, gained experience in creating different types of corporate websites, apps and eCommerce stores.

The budding steps towards something big!

The formation of Cosmonaut technologies started small, merely with a 3-member team. The office was quite small too, that included only 6 seats. But their aim was high and spirit unwavering. They worked day in and out and gradually got to where they are today!

From a handful of clients to a strong base of 150+ clients covering each sector be it, real-estate, energy, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, dropshipping, chatroom and streaming, the consistent efforts of the team have paid off well and made them successfully complete 200+ projects. Now even the team of engineers have expanded to 25+ members with varied expertise and highly professional experience.

Rich Client base: National & International

The team's bold efforts helped them get in touch with amazing clients from different areas. Some of the top clients in their Indian base includes Nabler, DEE ESS Enterprises, Velocity Labs, Add Vector, Process 9, Trade Safe India. Along with this, the proficiency of their developers also helped to grab projects from significant Tech giants like Rishabh Software.

This encouraged us to widen our reach to proffer the best SAAS products. So far, they have worked with excellent brand names SelfPro, TrippyWords, Dealsmeetups. We have also got a golden opportunity to work for social startups and contribute back to society with their amazing product: The Volunteer crew (for Vatsal Mehta's Vision).

In our international clients' list, a plethora of reputed names have been included from different parts of the world such as Canada, USA, UK, Dubai etc. Some of the major names include Michael Willis Design, Carepatrol, Allen Flower Market etc. There are other clients too that came in reference from their top existing clients.

Plan and Vision for Future:

The company is onto a road of expansion to spread their network in all around the world. We want to deliver scalable and secured software products helping different enterprises and start-ups to grow globally.

How can you be a part of the mission? Do you have an idea that could revolutionize your business or change the world? Reach out to us today to get a Free Consultation on +91-8866222411 or email us at

Also, you can directly contact our head office at the location:

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