SEO Guideline 2019

Basic SEO knowledge

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is having Two types

1. On page SEO

2. Off page SEO

1.On page SEO –

In on page SEO, we put the proper meta description and tags and in a word, press put the focus keyword for proper page content. in that, you can put the proper meta description and the length is 120 character. and page title length is 70-80 character.

In the website, we put Google Analytics to track all the pages content and to see how much traffic of our website in that we can set our particular goals and event of a particular page

The webmaster tool now the name is search console in that we can check our error pages structure data to test and also the sitemap is working properly or not.

We put the robot.txt for we want to know which page we want to allow and which want to disallow that means it’s not necessary to allow all the pages in your website with the help of robot.txt we can disallow the pages which we don’t want.

Sitemap – In sitemap, it shows how many pages are in the website and the file name is sitemap.xml we can generate the file and upload into our server-side or in WordPress, the Yoast plugin generate it automatically by itself

2. Off page SEO-

In off page SEO, we do the more links for our website so google can crawl easily, there are many back links website and tools for back links

for backlinks, we also use to write blogs and other things like comment posting, image posting, video posting, a press release is the best part for to know what we want to do those particular things put it into a press release

In SEO mainly focus on the keyword why I am saying because when a user can search for a particular service or product that means that keyword is most popular so if you confused which keyword is best or good then you can google it and find it there are many tools for keyword research but one of the tools is google keyword planner it shows the comparator keyword what is the density of keyword how popular your keyword the other tools is kwfinder and small SEO tools to use this tool and you can find the best keyword for your website

I have made SEO guideline make sure you go through this at least once

1. In every page of a website, only one
tag is their not more than that. and tag must be an important keyword
Ex: Put your services related keyword as a tag.

2. Use of tag: In one page only use 10 times, not more.

3. All images should Have tag – In the whole website use images with alter tag

4. Make sure your HTML code is not bigger if it is so it will take too much time to load so try as much as less code of a page

The HTML page size is 33kb not more than this if page size bigger then this then its take too much time for page loading

5. If the code is bigger it will effect on the page speed of your website
The page will load in less than 5 seconds as per the SEO page speed checker

6. Don’t give the inline CSS allow up to only 10%

7. Don’t use an iframe.

8. Put Gzip Compression for compress a page

9. Meta title length is 50-60 char

10. The meta description length is 120 char

11. Every website should have robot.txt and sitemap.xml file

12. Every page has a favicon size is 30*30.

13. Make sure all CSS, JS and HTML code are minified

14. The website has social media Engagement

15. Use Compress images on a website

16. Check the Mobility view of your website it’s more important as of now.

17. As per the new update, Google can first crawl your website in mobile so check your speed in mobile also for that use the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

18. Use schema for structured data

19. Make sure in page URL not using an underscore(_) instead of this use dash(-)
ex: Wrong URL : –
Correct URL:-

20. Make sure in a class name not using an underscore(_) instead of this use dash(-)
ex: wrong class name:- btn_btn_banner
correct class name:- btn-btn-banner

21. Put an image name related to the image

22. combine JS & CSS up to 9 URLs only